February 4, 2017 WGI St, Louis Regional

If your unit did not pre-order your digital gallery and would like to have watermarks removed and enable downloading for all your members – you can still order for $50, which will mean all of your images will be downloadable and watermark-free for all your members!

Units that purchase PRELIMS may add FINALS for only $25. Finals purchased without accompanying Prelims gallery are $50. Click HERE to order

Photographer: Belinda Johnson, Joe Bonello

Pre-ordered Galleries:

  1. Eureka HS
  2. Blue Springs South Varsity(includes Finals)
  3. Pride of Missouri State (includes Finals)
  4. Washington Open (includes Finals)
  5. Washington A
  6. National Avenue
  7. Avidity (includes Finals)
  8. Academy of Innovative Studies (Includes Finals)
  9. Kickapoo Emulation (Includes Finals)