WGPO Winter Guard and Percussion

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B. Johnson Photography will photograph the Yukon Contest on March 23, 2019.

We’re a little different than other action photography studios in that we offer not only gorgeous, high quality prints, but also the opportunity to make your unit’s entire performance gallery WATERMARK FREE and DOWNLOADABLE for all your members from the moment your pictures are published! There are no restrictions on your use of the digital images – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your unit’s website, your school’s yearbook editor, your personal scrapbook, end-of-year banquets – you can have ALL of your images for a single price of $50 per unit. There will be a minimum of 150 images for each gallery, with 2 photographers.


All units will be photographed regardless of pre-order status and all images will be available for print ordering following the contest. Lock in your priority publishing today for the quickest availability of your pictures!

*Will your unit perform at the WGI Tulsa Regional? We are offering a special if you combine your WGPO order with your WGI Tulsa order – finals will be included free for paid units that achieve finals.    ADD WGI

Pre-ordered units for 3/23/19 Yukon WGPO Contest:

  1. Jenks JV
  2. Jenks A
  3. Jenks Open
  4. Yukon MS
  5. Yukon JV
  6. Yukon Varsity
  7. Mustang MS
  8. Mustang SRA
  9. Mustang JV
  10. Mustang Varsity
  11. Edison Prep
  12. Westmoore MS
  13. Westmoore JV
  14. Westmoore Varsity
  15. Tuttle HS
  16. Enid HS
  17. Catoosa
  18. Choctaw Varsity
  19. Choctaw JV
  20. Choctaw MS
  21. Southmoore Varsity
  22. Southmoore JV
  23. Western Heights
  24. Checotah B Team
  25. Checotah HS
  26. Kiefer HS** (pending school PO)