How To Download!

Once you have purchased a share-able digital gallery there are several ways to download images for use on your social media, your phone, making collages, or prints or whatever else you would like to use them for! Of course – we do appreciate providing some special prints or photo merchandise ordered directly from the galleries if you see something you really love! This helps us maintain equipment, pay our photographers for their time, and keep the archive up and running!

  1. To download the entire album you simply click on the downward-facing arrow you see to the left of the green Buy Photos button.
  2. While viewing a thumbnail gallery page and to download an individual image – click on the same downward-facing arrow just to the left of the shopping cart icon you see in the lower right corner of each picture.
  3. If you click right on a specific picture – it will look like this – and you would click on the same Downward-facing arrow in the left panel of icons all the way to the left side of your screen.
    **Please Note**
    Many of our customers still choose to buy prints or other merchandise of their favorite images. For this reason – ALL images will still have the “Buy This Photo” button or pop-out panel whether they have watermarks or not. This is to make it easier for those who wish to purchase other options than digital only to find their options. It is still a downloadable image – as you can see there is still a download arrow icon at the bottom of the left panel of icons.

AS ALWAYS – if you have any questions or need additional assistance – send an email to and we’ll get back to you ASAP – usually within a couple hours or less.

Please enjoy your images and please tag us on Facebook, Insta, Twitter or anywhere else you share them!