February 18, 2017 WGI Tulsa Regional

If your unit did not pre-order your digital gallery and would like to have watermarks removed and enable downloading for all your members – you can still order for $50, which will mean all of your images will be downloadable and watermark-free for all your members!

Units that purchase PRELIMS may add FINALS for only $25. Finals purchased without accompanying Prelims gallery are $50. Click HERE to order

Photographer: Belinda Johnson, Joe Bonello

Pre-ordered Galleries:

  1. Eureka HS
  2. Pride of Missouri State (Includes Finals)
  3. ICT Independent
  4. Choctaw Open (Includes Finals)
  5. Choctaw A
  6. Choctaw MS
  7. Southmoore JV
  8. Southmoore Varsity
  9. Fayetteville Eminence (Includes Finals)
  10. Avant Guard (Includes Finals)
  11. Camdenton Varsity (Includes Finals)
  12. National Avenue
  13. Bentonville Open (Includes Finals)
  14. Bentonville A
  15. Bentonville Cadet (Includes Finals)
  16. Union HS A (Includes Finals)
  17. Union HS Open (Includes Finals)
  18. Jenks A
  19. Jenks JV (Includes Finals)
  20. Jenks Varsity (Includes Finals)
  21. Blue Springs Varsity (Finals only)
  22. Kickapoo Emulation (Includes Finals)
  23. First Chapter