March 11, 2017 Kickapoo Festival

If your unit did not pre-order your digital gallery and would like to have watermarks removed and enable downloading for all your members – you can still order at the post-event price of $40. Watermarks will be removed within hours (in many cases – almost immediately!) of your order. Once removed, they will continue to be freely downloadable forever!

Photographers: Belinda Johnson, Joe Bonello, Andrew Swope

Pre-ordered Galleries:

  1. Pride of Missouri State
  2. Washington Percussion
  3. Maysville
  4. Kickapoo Emulation
  5. Kickapoo Gold
  6. Enid HS
  7. Kickapoo Percussion (credit from Supershow)
  8. Cassville MS
  9. Francis Howell Percussion
  10. Bentonville Cadet
  11. Bentonville District
  12. Spintronix
  13. Fayetteville Regent
  14. Fayetteville Eminence
  15. Avant Guard
  16. Ozark JV
  17. Camdenton JV
  18. Camdenton Varsity
  19. Glendale
  20. Lee’s Summit